Hummingbird Ridge Rattery
Hi everyone, 
I write this blog posting as a favor to request your patience.  I have been experiencing a recent surge in the amount of migraines I have and spending a lot of time on the computer often acts as a trigger to cause one of these incredibly painful neurological attacks.  If you have submitted a form through my website [contact form or adoption application] and haven't heard back please shoot me a note to remind me.  What little time I am able to spend online I try to get as much accomplished as possible.  You are all very important to me and I appreciate your patience.  
All the rats are WONDERFUL and have been a great stress reducer.  At this time all babies have been adopted but I will be having a few litters over the summer that I will post more information about as time draws closer.  If you are interested in being on my Wait List, please drop me a line.