Hummingbird Ridge Rattery
Saturday we picked up our shipment from the west coast.  WOW I can't explain how pleased I am with these kiddos!  Dwarf, Siamese, Marked, Manx and some awesome rexing to put into our breeding program.  Pictures and more info to come as I have time to add it.  But in short, everyone has settled well into their quarantine home and I can't wait to bring them here in a few weeks! 
Our next group of litters are underway.  My 2 dwarf does are gaining nicely, my standard doe is gaining a little so we'll see.
I appreciate everyone's patience with emailing.  This semester has been very busy for me and I've been having some extensive dental work the last 3 weeks and haven't been online much at all.  Please be patient waiting for a response, I haven't forgotten about you and I do appreciate the time you all have taken to write to me.  I look forward to speaking with each of you shortly. 
After over a year of thinking, our family has named our ranch out west.  I love the name and the meaning behind it so for simplicity's sake, we will be switching from Dante bRats Rattery to Hummingbird Ridge Rattery. 

Couples have been paired for our next set of litters and we are super excited!  Look for updates as I have time to get them done.  HAPPY FALL!