Hummingbird Ridge Rattery
Hi everyone, 
I write this blog posting as a favor to request your patience.  I have been experiencing a recent surge in the amount of migraines I have and spending a lot of time on the computer often acts as a trigger to cause one of these incredibly painful neurological attacks.  If you have submitted a form through my website [contact form or adoption application] and haven't heard back please shoot me a note to remind me.  What little time I am able to spend online I try to get as much accomplished as possible.  You are all very important to me and I appreciate your patience.  
All the rats are WONDERFUL and have been a great stress reducer.  At this time all babies have been adopted but I will be having a few litters over the summer that I will post more information about as time draws closer.  If you are interested in being on my Wait List, please drop me a line. 
With the ages of does I would like to breed working out the way it has, I have ended up not taking my winter break like I normally do and instead will be planning several pairings in February and March and planning a several month break in the Spring time.  I have multiple dwarf pairings planned so will have very small litters but also a couple standard pairings planned.  If anyone is interested in further details please see my Planned page or feel free to contact me.  I do have a few spots available on my wait list.  
Hope everyone had a terrific holiday and that the New Year is starting off 
Hi everyone, 
I haven't been around much lately and won't be for another week or so but I'm still here!  I have a horrible sinus infection and my semester is coming to a close so I'm trying to prepare for finals as well.  Annie's bubs are doing well and are weaned now, sexes to be separated next week and then they will be ready for their new homes shortly after! Ariel, Aurora and Mary continue to gain weight and 
Saturday we picked up our shipment from the west coast.  WOW I can't explain how pleased I am with these kiddos!  Dwarf, Siamese, Marked, Manx and some awesome rexing to put into our breeding program.  Pictures and more info to come as I have time to add it.  But in short, everyone has settled well into their quarantine home and I can't wait to bring them here in a few weeks! 
Our next group of litters are underway.  My 2 dwarf does are gaining nicely, my standard doe is gaining a little so we'll see.
I appreciate everyone's patience with emailing.  This semester has been very busy for me and I've been having some extensive dental work the last 3 weeks and haven't been online much at all.  Please be patient waiting for a response, I haven't forgotten about you and I do appreciate the time you all have taken to write to me.  I look forward to speaking with each of you shortly. 
After over a year of thinking, our family has named our ranch out west.  I love the name and the meaning behind it so for simplicity's sake, we will be switching from Dante bRats Rattery to Hummingbird Ridge Rattery. 

Couples have been paired for our next set of litters and we are super excited!  Look for updates as I have time to get them done.  HAPPY FALL!